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Charter Rate 2019 & 2020

2019 Season – Special offer :  « Premier Cru Cruise »


Charter 6

$ 20.700  –  2019 rate

$ 21.735  –  2020 rate

Charter 5

$ 19.000  –  2019 rate

$19.950  –  2020 rate

Charter 4

$ 17.500  –  2019 rate

$ 18.375  –  2020 rate

Single Sup

$ 1.500

2020 Season, contact us !

Keep 2019 rate by booking before June 1st 2019 !!

Reservation & deposit

For a reservation, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required, with the balance being paid at least 90 days prior to the cruise date. Clients are strongly recommended to take out Insurance (including cruise cancellation insurance at the time of booking) for themselves and their belongings.

Included in the cruise

  • Seven days and six nights on the barge with use of 3 cabins and private bathrooms from 1600hrs Sunday until 0930hrs on the following Saturday.
  • Pick up and drop off at Le Creusot train station or at a pre-arranged hotel in or around.
  • Only one pick-up and drop off destination may chosen for the whole group.
  • All meals taken onboard
  • All transports to and from restaurants where needed.
  • All wines and open bar aboard the barge.
  • All escorted excursions included in the program.
  • Use of six bicycles (helmets not included)

Not included

  • 4 Meals taken ashore at the restaurant (lunch or dinner) at customers expense.
  • (A selection of restaurants is proposed, guests are free to choose)
  • Travel costs to and from the agreed meeting point before and after the cruise.
  • Travel and cancellation insurance.